A Fairy Tale’s Day

Sintra is about 30 min from Lisbon by car, and it’s internationaly known because of its palaces and castles that give this village a mistic aura of fantasy, as if we were in a fairy tale.
There are many points of interest, I can highlight the Pena Palace and the Regaleira propertie. The narrow streets have many suprises, its impossible not to visit the Periquita Factory, to taste the “queijadas” and the typical pastry.

In a more complete tour, it’s possible to go to look for adventure in the midle of the forest, find the Cape Roca, the most ocidental Europe’s place, its the perfect place to enjoy the beautifull sunset.
The most challenging thing in Sintra it’s to decide what to do, there are many options, and all are great.

Decide with us here.

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