From the Castle to Bairro Alto

To describe what to do in Lisbon, its not an easy task,  there are so many options that it’s very easy to lose yourself, but you will find a suprise whenever you go.
Lisbon is known for its light, for the hills, for its viepoints, gastronomy, its people and I could spend the whole day giving examples.
The most important is losing yourself in the city, but no without beeing lost.
There are places that are obligatory to go, like the Rossio and Restauradores, the castle of Saint George to lose your breath with so many history and views without comparison. Enjoy the Tejo river in the Ribeira das Naus.

The way is allways up, but don’t worry because you will listen to Fado when walking, the legs will get tired, but i can assure you will want to keep going to Bairro Alto, passing by the Brasileira Café to enjoy the Chiado neighbourhood charm.
When your breath is almost over, and you think you cannot go further, do a little extra effort to reach de viewpoint of Saint Peter of Alcantara! The view is so beautifull that you will feel renovated and with stregth to start over again.
Lisbon is like a vice, and yes, its more than that. depending of the time you will have to visit the city you will discover good reasons to be happy around here.

If you don’t want to lose anything reserve right here.

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