Special tips about Lisbon that nobody told you before!

All the press around the world is saying, that Lisbon , Portugal’s capital is the city where the tourism grows/increases every day, and we can confirm that the is city full of people from all around the world.

Our visitors, are eager to have fun and enjoy the city in a budget and that’s why I’m sharing some tips and secrets that will make your journey a blast!

Believe me, we will go further the conventional tour guides, and in the end we believe we’ll make difference in this lovely and sunny city.

The light of Lisbon

In the summer the sunlight lasts until almost 9:00 pm, and that’s why we don’t need to run. We have time to enjoy the day, and you can sleep a bit more if you were partying night on in one of the many bars the city has to offer!

If you’re popping up (visiting us) in winter don’t worry. In spite there’s less hours of sunlight, we are still able to “offer” you sunny days of 12 or 15 degrees. In fact, we are really use to have sunny days even in the middle of the season!

#sunny day in winter time

Food costs

Lisbon is also a gastronomical city. There’s restaurants everywhere with high quality and on a budget. Thers’s a lot of options for you to choose. The average price of a meal (lunch or dinner? goes around 10€ to 12€ in the most popular restaurants. The secret is to look for the meal of the day, in the menu!

#A “bifana” and a “imperial” ( pork beef sandwich and a half-pint), is a typical meal that cost less than 10€.

The wine of the house:

Ok! Let’s enjoy we’re staying in Portugal e drink a lot of wine, because the wine here is amazing! Right! But attention because the restaurants will abuse a little in the price of a bottle, my tip: ask for the wine of the house, it comes in a jar and the wine that is served is the brand that sponsors the restaurant! You will not regret it!

Drink tap water!

Yes, the water in Lisbon has excellent quality and in the coffee shops they’ll give you water for free, you just have to ask “a glass of water please” and don´t be afraid, it’s a very common thing around here.

Esplanades, kiosks, rooftops:

If you want to enjoy the day outside, with a refreshing beverage, without worries, and letting the time passes by, kiosks are a very good option and we have a lot of them all over the city. If you chose an esplanade in a bar or a restaurant, be aware that the price will change,The rooftops are spots specially dedicated for people who want to enjoy the view up there!

#There are kiosks all over the city


With so many gardens and viewpoints in the city, there’s alternatives to the restaurants: go to the local supermarket, buy what you like, choose a privileged spot, sit down, and enjoy your meal with no worries! Tourists and young people do it often! It’s a different and funny experience (and a cheaper one too)

Pastel de nata(cream custard pastry)

The “pasteis de Belém” are famous worldwide but the factory and the shop in Belém has always a big line. The good news is that there´s a lot of options in the city that as good as the originals.

#The “Fábrica da Nata” opened about a year ago in one of the most privileged locals of Lisbon.


Portugal doesn’t apply a tax in the bill, so feel free to tip what you feel is fare.


If it starts to rain during your trip, buying a raincoat or an umbrella won’t be enough! Don’t try to escape from the rain catching a taxi. When it rains the traffic stops, and people lose a lot a time going from one place to another, the taxi will be expensive due to the time you’ll be stuck in the traffic. You should get the subway instead.

Lisboa Viva card

As soon as possible buy the card Lisboa Viva, in any transport station and in some kiosks that sell papers, you can buy daily passes for the subway, bus or electric tram, it´s the best way to get access to the city transports.

Taxi and Uber

The services that work with the most recent taxi and transport app’s are already working in Lisbon. The taxi services here is not that expensive, and sometimes sharing a taxi with 4 persons can be cheaper than buying a bus ticket or metro ticket. attention if you want more than 4 persons in one taxi there’s always the option of asking for a Van. Uber is the cheaper and probably the better option.

1001 ways of eating codfish!

It’s true that are thousands of different dishes with codfish in Portugal, and sometimes we get confused when trying to chose the best option in a restaurant. In doubt “à moda da casa” or “à lagareiro”. The last is the most traditional, and roasted in the oven, with lots of olive oil, garlic, onions and potatoes! As we say in Portuguese, “It’s a joy to your stomach!”