To the Custards and Beyond

Belém is most known for its Tower and the Pasteis de Belém Factory and its easy to enjoy one day in this Lisbon neighbourhood, not long from the city center it’s well served by transports.
But the truth is that Belém is more than its delicious pastry, there are a lot of atractions that pass to the history and cultural heritage, like the Ajuda Palace, the Jerónimos Monastary and Descoveries Monument. In the Cultural Center of Belém its possible to dive in culture, art and tecnologie, with expositions, concerts and samples.

If you like museums you have a lot of choices, like the most traditional museum of the Marines, museum of transports, and the most recente MAAT.
In the end of a day you will only want to take it easy and relax, so for that, you can enjoy the many gardens, the Tower of Belém, the Necessidades Palace (official residence of the President of Portugal), or the Ajuda Tapada.
With so many thing to do and see, Belém its a place that garantees a very enjoyable day.

Garantee it here.

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